En post anteriores explicábamos los diferentes niveles que acreditaba Cambridge. Según el Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas (CMCERL), el nivel C1 es la primera franja de competencia lingüística que define un nivel avanzado. En el post de hoy nos vamos a centrar en un nivel específico : Advanced y su comprensión escrita.

Sois muchos los que a la hora de estudiar y repasar un examen de idioma agotáis los recursos para practicar de cara a la prueba. Pero primero centrémonos en qué consisten.

¿En qué consisten los writings de C1?

Los candidatos tienen que escribir dos textos entre 220 y 260 palabras en 1 hora y 30 minutos. Son diferentes  en cada parte del examen, distinguiéndose en :

  • Part 1: Essay
  • Part 2: Email (informal or formal) or letter (informal or formal) review, report and Proposal.

Tipos de writing

Para ayudaros, aquí os dejamos una serie de writing extras. ¡Tomad nota!


Although it may be thought that new generations are losing some personal values like having respect for the others or acquiring strong commitments, there are some revealing social indicators that could demonstrate all the contrary. One of these significant data is the number of weddings celebrated per year nowadays, compared to the average of marriages being contracted a couple of decades ago.

Evidence may suggest that the interest for matrimony is rapidly decreasing as the new generations are growing and reaching the age for getting married. However, the number of weddings celebrated worldwide during last year has been almost the same than there were ten years ago. It is a very strong point for supporting the claim of those who still believe in the relevance of marriage nowadays.

On the other hand, even if the amount of couples that do still choose this alternative for strengthen their relationship has remained stable, it does not necessarily mean that these marriages last as long as they used to. The best example is the lately approved “express divorce”, which allows a couple to break their live-long commitment in a few hours and for less than 500€.

So, to conclude, and taking everything into account, there is no doubt about the relevance of this religious way of commitment between the members of a couple, at least in terms of people who still do it this way. Despite the economic crisis hitting all around the world, people make the great financial effort for signing their love surrounded by their loved ones, which reveals how important marriage is for them.


Hi, Cris!

How are you doing, my man? I’m so happy to hear from you!

So you finally managed to land a big boy’s job, didn’t you? Travelling on business and all that! Shall I call you Mr from now on? 😜

I’ll cut to the chase because you are coming to my town and that’s big news.

I think the best you can do in your free evenings is have some tapas at local bars —I’ll text you some good places. You can relax after work, meet new people —you know how friendly and chatty we are— and enjoy amazing food and wine.

Anyway, if you are still peckish after that, I know a couple of restaurants that’ll please the foodie in you. Mmmm, yummy!

For your weekend, I’d go to the north of the city to see the castle —it’s so well preserved it feels like being in Game of Thrones! If it’s sunny, you can rent a bike and cycle your way along the canal. I’d lend you mine but I got it stolen last week. Bummer.

Another great option would be the flea market on Sunday —they have all sorts of things. It’s pretty popular around here and it gets crowded so you should go early. I know you are not an early bird but it’s totally worth it.

Hope you like these plans, let me know if you fancy other stuff. BTW, you didn’t mention it but I’m expecting to hang with you, so you know 😊

Say hi to your folks!

Speak soon,


writing advance


Ever since I started learning English I have found quite handy watching TV series, specially those which are perfectly subtitled, in order to follow the plot properly. In fact, it is quite useful if you are actually interested in improving your skills, when it comes to listening and speaking.

On the other hand, I have been in search of the series which catches my attention and it took me very long until I finally put my finger on it. The TV series known as Downton Abbey is the best I have ever seen, and in the following lines I would like to explain why.

It is set in England during and after the First World War. The whole plot takes place in the area called Downton, the castle of Earl Lord Gratham, his family and the service staff. Although the story is focused on the Lord’s family, the service has an important part to play, as the world is changing continuously and the nobility is getting old-fashioned.

The main point in this series is that every character has been absolutely developed, with its own characteristics and personalities. Even the backgrounds are cleverly defined what makes an intriguing and dramatic script. Needless to say, the actors are sublimes and they give their touch to their role, specially Maggie Smith, which is one of my favourite actresses.

Because of all these reasons, I highly recommend taking into account Downton Abbey to be included in your top ten list.


Your local authority is conducting a survey into language learning habits of the people between 16-45 in the area. They have asked for a report on the types of methods used in state run schools and language centres. They have asked for some suggestions on how to imporve their facilities, teaching methods and resources.


The main purpose of this report is to analyse the effectiveness of language teaching in the local area. It will offer a review of what is available and also make some recommendations on how to improve.


Due to a lack of funding during the economic recession, the facilities available have not been renovated since more than a decade ago. What´s more, because of this scarcity of investment, much of what there is has been over used and/or damaged to some extent. Many modern private language centres have sprung up around the city in recent years but they are both unaffordable and difficult to monitor. There are a fair few teachers working who are quite frankly not up to the job.

Teaching Methods

The methodology used by most teachers has not changed over the last 15 to 20 years or so and therefore needs to be improved. Teachers need the correct type of training that is not only theory based but also practical and ready to input into the system. Some teachers see language teaching as an easy ride and seem to be running down the clock to retirement, to the distain of their students.


There is a case of follow-the-book syndrome apparent in the local area. Teachers need to be given the freedom to use their creativity and also the training to be able to implement it in the classroom. This way resources will be more varied and students will be able to relate to them more easily.


Taking all of the factors of this report into account, the best plan of action would be to increase funding to ensure progress. What is more than just money, it is essential that this funding gets to where it is most needed. I would suggest teacher training and resources to be the priority.

Seguro que con este plus de ejemplos vuestro aprobado está asegurado. Si quieres completar tu preparación para sacar un sobresaliente, échale un vistazo a nuestro post con tips para sacar buena nota en el Listening de Cambridge y seras todo un experto en la materia.

Let´s go!


¿Cómo lleváis la nueva normalidad? No queremos empezar sin primero agradecer a todos aquellos padres/madres y por supuesto a nuestros queridos alumnos/as que hayan confiado

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