TASK 3 (question 12 – 18)

Choose the correct word for each space (12-18). Use each word only once. The first one (0) is done for you as an example. You will not need one of the words.

Occupational stress relates to the physical, emotional and psychological (0) effects on a person. It can be caused by a/an (12) __ between a person´s ability and the demands of a task, long hours, poor environment or difficult relationships. Stressful work environments can cause organisations (13) ____ issues such as lower productivity, lackaidisical performance and increased absenteeism. If individuals do not avoid stress, it may result in physical or mental (14) ____. Some options to manage stress related to work are regular exercise, healthy diet and (15) ____ consumption of caffeinated beverages and cigarettes. In some cases, professional (16) ____ may be unavoidable. Office workers who responded to a recent (17) ____ suggested that employers should provide guidance on organising work tasks, balancing work and life demands and taking regular breaks. Some employees have reported improvements after attending time (18) ____ workshops.

  • Illness

  • Assistance

  • Complication

  • Survey

  • Effects

  • Significant

  • Conflict

  • Reducing

  • Employers

  • Management

Use each word only once in question 12 - 18.