TASK 4 – Choose from the list the headline which best summarizes each part (19-25) of the article. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).

EXAMPLE: 0​. In 1947, the strangest craft to set sail in 500 years crossed the South pacific from Peru to Indonesia. A Norwegian scientist called Thor Heyerdahl built the boat, Kon-Tiki, named after the Indonesian Sun god, and made the massive journey across open seas with the aim of proving his theory about the origins of the Indonesian people.


Since the Kon-Tiki´s ambitious crossing, there have been several similar expeditions. Not all of them were successful, but in 1970, the Spanish explorer, Vital Alsar, succeeded in crossing the Pacific Ocean in the longest recorded journey of its kind. Alsar was convinced that ancient sailors could read the ocean current like road maps. He successfully proved the point in 1973 when he repeated the voyage. More recently still, a Norwegian team recreated the trip with a copy of Thor Heyerdahl´s craft and made an award-winning documentary of the experience.

  • Where they went, others have followed.

  • A debatable success.

  • Water shortage.

  • An experienced team

  • Three months in the Pacific.

  • He had something to prove.

  • The technical aspects.

  • People are still talking about it.

  • A sight not seen in 500 years.