The people below all want to find a castle to visit

On the opposite page there are descriptions of eight castles.

Decide which castle would be the most suitable for the people below.

Yoshiko wants to see a castle that people are still living in. She loves visiting beautiful gardens, and would like to explore interesting places in the castle.

  • Durston Castle has a valuable art collection, secret tunnels – one leading to the beach – and visitors mustn’t miss the unusual rooms deep beneath the castle walls. Because the building is the Durston family’s home, some parts cannot be visited – but you can sit on the grass under the trees and admire the flower beds and fountains. There’s a play area for children too.

  • At Castle Woosward, experience what life was like at the time it was built. Staff wear clothes typical of the time, and offer everyone tasty snacks made using recipes from different periods of history. Inside, the walls are covered with original paintings of the generations of people who’ve lived in the castle.

  • Castle Hemsworth’s guides, dressed in historical costumes, give visitors information about the traditional castle building, towers and gardens. Wild horses live nearby. Inside, the castle looks unchanged, with old furniture and portraits of people who’ve live here.

  • Only a few parts of the ancient castle of Marlin are left, but you can still visit some underground rooms and see beautiful countryside from the high tower .The castle is in the middle of a lakeand has lovely gardens. There are talks about the castle, and the bats, birds and butterflies that have made Marlin their home.

  • Chartsmouth Castle was once owned and lived in by kings. Visitors love exploring the rooms, some of which have hidden tunnels. You can see the sea from the top of the walls, and younger visitors will love the outdoor games.

  • Experts at the ruins of Carston Castle will show you around and give you information – and offer you 17th-century snacks! Hear how the buildings was once the scene of famous battles, and is now home to a variety of wildlife. And from the south side, there are fantastic sea views.

  • Rushford is an old castle on the coast which is a popular local attraction. The Rushford Castle café in the walls serves food typical of the castle’s history. Inside, there are beautiful rooms with antique tables and clocks. Outside, visitors can see a wide variety of wildlife.

  • Sawbridge Castle was built in 1712 on an island in a lake. Inside, you canstill see beatifully designed debs, tables and other objects once used by families living there. Put on headphones and listen to information about the history of Sandbridge Castle. Visitors of all ages will love the toy museum in the gardens.